Joaynna Cook

Office Organizational Manager and Video Team

joaynnaJoaynna works in the office as the organization manager and on the video and web team. She is a bubbly and all around happy person.  Here at Ask the Pool Guy, She is responsible for organizing the office, cleaning it and making  nice and pretty. She has a hard job, when the construction crew comes through to get parts and tools. They come in all muddy and dirty and Joaynna has just vacuumed and made the office all nice and pretty in a split second its dirty again. If she was not here we would not be able to find anything in the place! All though everyone in the office vacuums and picks up here and there Joaynna really gets down and cleans the corners and puts everything in a logical place so it is easy to find and put back. She really keeps all of us working efficiently and we would be lost with out her! She is also in charge of the video showcase on the Legendary Escapes and Pool Service Michigan websites. Joaynna works hard on the websites to make sure that everything is updated and running smoothly. Most of the time she is adding to our video pages to keep our costumers well informed on there pool. Every time she turns around there is more to add and another thing to build on the web. You might also spot her hanging with the construction team as she often is at our pool builds to capture the action (and sometimes crave a rock). She is a great member of our team!
“It’s amazing to work here. I love what it has taught me not only about pools but about business, life and what i need to remember going into my future.”- Joaynna


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