Jodi Cook

Landscape Design Partner



I am passionate about creating gardens that are best suited for the landscape provided which express the style of the owner. I encompass a natural approach to living spaces both inside & out for complete green living.

My grandmother always told me, “Jodi you are so good natured.” And wouldn’t you know it, I grew up to love nature and graduated college with a Horticulture degree. I’ve always been excited to learn about plants, how they grow, thrive and adapt. In going out and helping others discover the masterpiece disguised under a blank canvas, I found my passion. Through the field of Horticulture, retail sales, growing, consulting, gardening services and teaching, I have been able to share my passion of painting the outdoor canvas, naturally.

With a strong desire to live a healthy life, we transitioned into natural, green and non-toxic cleaners for our home and added naturally made supplements to our nutrition. We are blessed with 3 children, which of course I had “naturally”. Having children motivated me to become an advocate on raising children as naturally as possible. It became apparent to me that getting back to the basics and harnessing what we arenaturally given helps us to raise very healthy and happy children. When it comes to volunteering, most would agree that my name is “naturally” on the list. Being active in all aspects of home, school and my work has given me great opportunities to serve my family and community. I hope to inspire many along the way, naturally!

Since 1993, I have guided others in creating beautiful, natural surroundings through teaching, coaching and contracting through both business and personal experience. During my years in the field of Horticulture I have shared gardening with others through my work at retail nurseries & greenhouses. For 5 years I owned and operated The Potted Garden.Inc which installed and maintained landscapes for over 40 clients locally. As my husband and I expanded our family, I devoted my time to home. Just to keep my hands dirty, I joined with Julie Lopez and developed Michigan Gardens to Go.The products we provide are pre-designed perennial gardens that take the guesswork out of gardening. Along with the design services we have a series of garden talks & classes for groups and on-site consultations for homeowners. I also hold the position of the Horticultural Consultant for Green Roofing Services at CEI Michigan, a commercial roofing company.


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