Katie Dunn

Office Coordinator

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Katie Dunn is the office manager. She wheres many hats in the office and she keeps it running smoothly! When she is working she is fully focused and can multitask like no ones business.

This is Katie’s second summer working for the pool company. Katie’s main project she worked on last summer was creating and updating the directory on our webpages. This is where all the products and company’s we have worked with or conversed with are held for costumers to utilize if we are unable to assist them.

Currently Katie is working with Sandi and Al on a franchise manual, that will be used for both the Ask the Pool Guy Service Franchise and the building of Hybrid Swimming Pools. Katie is also leading our sales team to develop a FerriTab Wholesale Sales Team.

With out Katie the office would be overwhelmed with work, no matter what she has to do in a day she keeps calm and gets it all done, she is a real inspiration to all the office workers! We love her!

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