Mark Curtis

Service Team Leader

Mark is the Service Team Leader for Ask the Pool Guy. In addition to being lead service, and has his work cut out for him in plumbing 3″-4″ Complex Systems with in-floor cleaning, waterfalls and more fun features with Legendary Escapes new pool builds.

Mark is an all around great guy. He is super friendly, takes the time to get to know our new customers, and answers all the questions they have about their pools and systems. He loves what he does, and it shows with his dedication to putting in the long summer hours, seven days a week when the Michigan Pool season is at it’s peak.

In the off season you’ll find him taking classes to learn more about the industry, subscribing to podcasts and audio books, and attending the trade shows to further his knowledge of what is trending in the pool industry.

Mark is the main man for service and problem diagnosis for pools. When you call needing your pool serviced there is a 96% chance you will get Mark. Everyone loves him because he knows his stuff and he is great with time management, he is kind, and helpful with new pool owners. Mark handles most of the service, and opening/closing’s calls. He has a hectic schedule that the office people give him. On a normal day he may not get done until 9 or 10 at night because he runs around helping out our awesome costumers! We get nothing but good reviews about him and we are blessed to have him as there is no one else more perfect for the job!

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