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We are a middle aged couple in our 60’s looking for a way to bring our family closer together besides the usual Sunday dinners. Having 3 daughter in laws, a daughter and 4 very young grandchildren, a place up north seemed just too much. So we started looking into in-ground pools. We did our homework and we fell in love with Legendary Escapes the minute we saw their pools. We knew that was the pool for us. We wanted something different and unique, not just an ordinary in-ground pool. Once you meet Al Curtis and his family, that’s it. You are sold. He is an extraordinary man. He made up a design for our pool and 7 weeks later, our pool is done! I feel like I’m living a dream, its so beautiful. I don’t want to leave my back yard…ever! We have worked with many many contractors over our years, and never have we felt such a sense of family with anyone like Al. Our pool is unique and very different and our neighbors are in awe of it. Thank you a million times Al and your staff for such a wonderful pool and for making the Billiau family so happy! {shared via}


Al designed and built a fabulous pool for us. The whole experience was a ton of fun, which is not the way you’d think of describing a big construction project. Al did a great job of really getting to know us so that the pool and the pool house perfectly matched out family. Everyone who sees our pool is amazed by the details and what a welcoming space Al created. {shared by Melanie via}


In my years of landscaping I haven’t come across a pool that seems to blend into it’s surroundings or express the lifestyle of the homeowners as the pools created by Legendary Escape do. The workmanship and talent that is in a Legendary Escape pool is incredible.  It has been exciting to install the landscape to put the finishing touches to Legendary Escape’s creations. {shared by Naturally Jodi! at}


“What a pool! I was blown away by the detail and artistry Allan achieves. I also checked out the Legendary Escapes site and was blown away by his other pools! Maybe someday I’ll have a Legendary Escape!” – T.J. Moreland, Business Development Manager, Merlin Industries, Inc. {shared via email}

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