Hybrid Pool {BRN} in Chelsea, MI

Enjoy the gallery of this hybrid pool in Chelsea, MI. We broke ground when there was still snow on the ground, and this family was enjoying the pool, spa, natural stone waterfall, sun-shelf and turtle before Memorial Day weekend. A great combination of elements making this an amazing backyard “stay-cation”.

This custom swimming pool has several different water features which create a soothing backyard escape.

A Hybrid Swimming Pool by Legendary Escapes Ask the Pool Guy, Michigan

The young family wanted a pool for several years before they felt comfortable actually getting the project started. There were two main factors in their decision: their budget, and finding the right builder. They knew they wanted a spectacular backyard, not just a basic swimming pool. They settled for a temporary, above-ground pool to stay cool in the summer for several years before they dove into their new pool project. Homeowner Jason’s advice to prospective pool owners? “Keep the blow-up pool until you’re really ready. Wait until you’ve saved up and you find the right builder. It’s a big commitment, and you want to make sure it’s exactly what you want.”

When the homeowners were ready with the budget they wanted, they set out to find just the right builder. When they found Al, they knew the search was over. The pool design became focused around the sounds of water, aiming to create a fun and serene backyard escape. The project includes several water features, including a periscope bubbler, hand-carved turtle fountain, spillover spa, and beautiful custom stone waterfall.

Initially, the homeowners decided they should make a choice between the spa and the waterfall. They settled on the spillover spa, knowing it would be a functional part of the pool area. When the project got underway, though, they realized they wanted the waterfall, as well. They went straight to Al and asked, “Is it too late for the waterfall?” Al was happy to make this addition to the design, and he and his team got to work adding the waterfall. Now that they have the finished product, the homeowners are glad they made the addition. Their custom swimming pool is everything they hoped for and more, and they are more than satisfied with the result.


Pool Design and Build: Al Curtis, Legendary Escapes resident Ask the Pool Guy, Landscape by Naturally, Jodi

Building a Natural Stone Waterfall

Construction Gallery

Laying out the Pool

What so many of us find fascinating is the Pool Guy’s level of design talent. In this video he walks us around the yard. Having nothing except a design in his mind an a 2-dimensional blueprint which looks like some circles on a piece of paper he builds the pool for us during this walk around the yard. The eventual finished project (seen above) looks exactly as he described it.


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