Hybrid Pool Outdoor Adventure Swimming Pool {LW}

Our Brighton Outdoor Adventure Pool is spectacular! It features a Goonies Themed grotto with hidden pirate treasure (and is lit inside with gems and jewels). The spa is carved with the detail of an old rum barrel, and surprises are around every corner!

This backyard underwent extensive renovation and retaining walls planned and constructed by XTier Inc. the landscapers who introduced us to these homeowners.

Al was very excited by the prospect of building this pool because of all the levels and elevation he had to work with. Instead of just making a flat spot for a pool, he designed the pool with grotto, slide, spa and waterfall to take advantage of all the diverse entertaining areas this pool had to offer.

When Al originally introduced the idea of theming on this project, the homeowners weren’t quite convinced it was the right idea. As the grotto developed with themed elements of pirate treasure, carved concrete barrels, and lighting on the inside, they were so excited that it could take on a “Goonies” feel, one of their favorite movies. There are so many exciting features and surprises in this pool, discovering them all will take years for this homeowner to see.

The pirate flag, which was planted as part of the story as the pool was being built is now a permanent fixture, which the homeowners just love. There are so many levels of interest in this pool and it really is a 360 degree entertaining area, from every level and vantage point. The homeowners, our team, and the team at XTier Landscaping just love how this project came together!