Pietila Pools Services is offering financing for Merlin Safety Covers

One of my favorite things is to get homeowners with swimming pools here in Michigan into a Safety Cover for their pool winterization instead of having to use a plastic cover and water bags. Safety covers come with so many obvious benefits, please read about some here: Safety Covers.

I was talking with a homeowner who had a new pool built this year, and we were talking about the cost of the various options for covers. A safety cover is an investment, typically they run between $2000 and $3000 (depends on the size and shape of course) and that’s a good amount of money to pay up front. The alternative is a plastic cover and water bags that go around the perimeter of your pool (estimated cost to start $500-$600).

The good news is that we provide free quotes for safety covers, and can come up with payment plans for any homeowner *who qualifies* and would like to get a safety cover this year without all the up front costs. Please inquire if you are interested!

You can go from this:

Lovely pool cover with waterbags
Lovely pool cover with waterbags







To This:

Safety Covered Pool
Safety Covered Pool *Financing available with Pietila Pools Services

Which would you prefer?