Pool Closings & Safety Covers

Safety Cover and Penny the dogWe offer you convenience and protection against damage from improper winterization.  Pool closings include pool chemicals needed for closing, winterizing the plumbing, pump, filter and heater, and any optional equipment you have including slide, spa, and waterfall. Once the pool is ready, we put your winter pool cover on, either the plastic type with water bags or a safety cover. Call for pricing which is fairly standard, with up-charges for certain spa/waterfall combinations.

Safety Cover Installation

Safety Covers for any shape pool and spa. As Safety Cover Specialists we are able to design and fit your custom fit safety cover to just about any shape and size. We can provide covers and installation from a basic rectangle to a custom free form shape with obstacles (rock cut-outs, raised spas, waterfalls) and create a safe, eye-catching back yard experience, even when the pool is closed.

Safety covers are a great investment for the safety and security of your pool during the winter months. Call to set up an appointment for your safety cover estimate. Cover prices vary, and depend on the size, shape, custom fit, and any obstacles the cover needs to be built around. We recommend and install: Merlin Safety Covers.