Pool Maintenance

Swimming pool maintenance doesn’t have to be overwhelming to new owners. All that is needed is a little common sense…and maybe the internet. When in doubt about a situation involving your pool, don’t going barreling forward, step back and think a minute. Or better yet, with all that our phones can do nowadays, go the old fashioned route and call someone, or connect with the internet and search for answer.
Don’t be like the new pool owner who called me one day. he led off the conversation with “I know just enough to be dangerous.” Unfortunately, I had to agree with him after he explained that in an attempt to clean his inground vinyl liner he had drained his pool for a couple of days, and now he wanted to know how to stretch his liner back in place. I had to tell him you can’t and that his only fix was a new liner. A phone call or internet search would have informed him that vinyl liners, above or inground, shrink when completely drained.
If this customer had used common sense he would have saved himself the cost of a new liner and lost swimming time.