Pool Openings!

Pool Openings
Hi and thank you so much for choosing Ask the Pool Guy’s Legendary Escapes services for all of your pool needs!
Please take a few moments and carefully read this overview of what to expect with your upcoming service appointment. By following this quick preparation guide, our service appointment will go a little bit easier for both you and our service worker.

Our #1 Goal is your complete and total satisfaction!

Preparation before we arrive
Please make sure that you have out what you keep your cover in.
Please leave us access to a hose and to a plug outlet.
If you keep your plugs and stoppers in a certain area have that out so when can put them where they are suppose to go.

When we arrive
Please make sure that you keep your children and pets inside the house.
Please leave a spot for our vehicle to be as close as possible to the pool.

During our work
Please keep all children and pets inside.
If we have any questions or concerns we will ask you.
If you have any questions for us you are allowed to ask.
We will open your pool either re fill with a truck or with hose, which ever you arrange.
We will put in all start up chemicals and make sure that the water is balanced.
We will also make sure that all of your equipment is working correctly and turned on.

After we are done
Please make sure that you pay when the service is done or you have given a credit card number to the office so that they can charge the card when the service is completed.
If something stops working or you forgot to ask a question you can call the office and they will get you taken care of.
You should wait at least 6-8 hours before swimming in the water this is to let the chlorine dissipate.