Press Release: Custom Swimming Pool Designer is in the Flow

Press Release: October 2011

Custom Swimming Pool Designer is in the Flow

(October 11, 2011) – If you have ever watched an artist at work, you know it can be a truly incredible experience. When the artist is at one with his project, he gets into a flow that produces joy for the artist and those near him. It takes the right circumstances to produce this effect in an artist, but it is something that every artist strives for. This fall, custom swimming pool designer Al Curtis has been in the flow.

Curtis, designer and builder for Legendary Escapes Pool Scapes, has really hit his stride with his last project of the summer. One look through his portfolio will tell you that this must be big—every pool in his book is incredible. But the stars aligned for Curtis this time; all the circumstances lined up to create the perfect environment for him to design and build his all-time favorite swimming pool. He was in the flow and loved every minute of it.

One of the most important aspects of this project was the customer. An artist needs the freedom to do what he feels will work best in a given situation. It is highly doubtful that anyone was standing over da Vinci’s shoulder while he painted the Mona Lisa telling him what color to paint her lips. The homeowner Curtis worked with on this project gave him the artistic freedom he craves, allowing Curtis to create his Mona Lisa.

At one point in the process, Curtis and a trusted companion were working on sculpting the concrete waterfall for the swimming pool. The homeowner came out to take a look and asked what the waterfall was going to be. They looked up, looked at each other, and said, “We don’t know yet.” Although the homeowner could have gotten nervous or pressed them for details, he simply accepted it because he trusted that Curtis and his coworker would not steer him wrong. Talk about artistic freedom!

The complete artistic freedom Curtis was given on this swimming pool ended with a great result for both him and the customer. Limiting an artist’s freedom will only result in frustration for everyone involved; but, if a true artist is given freedom to create what is in his mind’s eye, the end result will be incredible. Al Curtis and the rest of the Legendary Escapes team has seen this firsthand this fall.


Al Curtis is the designer and builder for Legendary Escapes Pool Scapes. He is pioneering the hybrid swimming pool and is always pushing the envelope and trying new things. He is passionate about turning customers’ backyards into works of art and making dreams come true. Learn more about Curtis and the rest of the team at If you are interested in setting up an appointment to meet with Al about a custom swimming pool, contact Legendary Escapes by phone at 248-478-4978 or by email at