Press Release: Michigan League Improvement Projects Come to an End

Michigan League Improvement Projects Come to an End

The Michigan League has made improvements to a roof that stood for 85 years. Decades of wear brought it to a point where it needed to be replaced. So scaffolding went up, and after enduring a summer of renovation, the building is now topped with a sturdy decorative roof designed to withstand the next century of Michigan winter wear.

For this project, The League contracted CEI Michigan of Whitmore Lake, which has a built a great reputation within the University for dozens of other successful projects completed around campus. In May, an eight man crew started removing the old slate roof and copper. By early October, they had installed new copper trim and a durable slate roof from Camara Slate in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

“The stone displays unique textures in a soft grey-green tone, which is both practical and enhancing. This roof not only brings new beauty to the facility, it promises durability for The League’s future,” said Michigan League Director Xavier Wilson.

Instead of dumping the old slate in a landfill, nearly all of it has been donated to an artistic swimming pool builder, Legendary Escapes, which will repurpose it for pool landscaping. A portion of the slate was also repurposed as landscaping accent material at the new world headquarters of CEI roofing by Jodi Cook, Ask the Garden Gal and lead landscaper on the project.

If you’re visiting the League, be sure to look up and admire a job well done.


– It took more than 3,100 man hours to complete construction on the League’s new slate roof.