Protect Your Pool with a Safety Cover

Safety covers are made to order and can be made for any size or shape pool.

It’s getting to be that time–time to think about closing your swimming pool. The phones have been ringing more and more in the past few weeks with customers ready to schedule their pool closings. This time of year brings another concern, too: covers. A cover is a vital part of proper winterization. The right cover will make all the difference when it comes to keeping your pool safe during the winter and making opening a breeze.

We always recommend safety covers because they’re, well, safer. When dealing with a standard plastic cover with waterbags, you don’t get much protection against things falling into the pool and taking the cover down with them. The waterbags do a good job of keeping the cover on the pool when installed correctly, but if something heavier than rain, snow or your average debris falls onto the pool, a plastic cover won’t offer much protection. Safety covers, though, offer an incredible amount of protection against just about anything that might try to make it into your pool. Whether it’s something falling onto it or your dog running across it, a safety cover is up to the challenge.

Safety covers are used with anchors that are installed into the concrete surrounding your swimming pool. The cover is attached to these anchors and the end result looks similar to a trampoline. Each safety cover is made specifically to the measurements of the pool it will be covering, unlike plastic covers which come in two standard sizes and only one shape. The result is a better fitting cover that is much more durable and secure.

There’s still time to get a safety cover for your pool before it’s time to close it this fall. If you’re interested and would like more information or an estimate for your swimming pool, feel free to contact us–we’d be happy to help!