Renovating a Vinyl Liner Pool

Deciding to renovate a vinyl liner pool doesn’t mean you’re limited to just replacing the liner.  Today, vinyl liner pools can be customized much like a gunite pool.  All you need to decide is if you lean toward classic or creative designs.

No longer do you have to gray concrete run right up to the edge of your pool.   Stone coping can added to create a border between your pool and concrete or brick deck.  Travertine and granite are more classical examples of what you can choose from.  They are stones usually cut in the traditional 4 inch or 2 foot widths.  They give you a natural feel in a traditional style.  Tumbled bluestone comes in odd shapes and sizes needing to be puzzled together.   This stone gives your pool a more relaxed feel in an artistic style.

Vinyl liner pools no longer have to pretend to have tile.   Today, there is a track that can be installed that allows you to border the interior of your pool with actual tile.  The liner clips into the bottom of the track.PORTFOLIO Hybrid Swimming Pool {SMA} Legendary Escapes (101)

Your vinyl liner can also be turned into a hybrid pool by adding a sun shelf to the interior.  This is a raised area shot in concrete that is tied into the steel walls of your liner pool.  This area allows for a depth of 10 to 18 inches, depending on your preference, and gives you a hard surface that lawn chairs can be set upon, allowing you to relax half submerged in water.   The surface is usually coated in a pebbletec finish.    A raised spa spilling over and/or a carved water feature can also be added to make your backyard into a getaway.

Karen, Tile/Coping Specialist