Fencing by Legendary EscapesEvery swimming pool needs a fence that will pass the local code for safety. Swimming pool fence must be at least 48″ High, with slats no larger than 4″ wide, and no more than 4″ from the bottom edge of the fence to the ground. The gates must be self closing and self latching. All doors from the home that are within the gated area must also have door alarms installed to pass the inspections.

Legendary Escapes can install your fence during your custom swimming pool build project. We recommend Fortress Iron Fence, Single Rail, in Black for most fence installations around the swimming pool. The fence is an ancillary part of your project, and not a part that we would spend a lot of time or money on. The fence itself will not stand out from the project (sometimes if homeowners choose a white fence, that is all you see!) We’d like you to enjoy the aesthetic look and feel of the design elements of your pool. The fence can be installed so it steps down/up around the pool if you have different elevations. The gates are built to code and have self closing hinges and self latching mechanisms per building codes.  A bonus of doing the fence at the same time as the pool built is that we are able to build custom low voltage lighting into the project when we have this fence and the posts as places to install the lighting!

Fence Alternative: Retaining Wall/Barrier

Creative and decorative posts for fencing:

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