In-Floor Heating & Efficiency Systems

One of our favorite ways to heat and clean the pool is through the use of in-floor heating, cleaning and efficiency systems.

By using products from the two best companies in the in-floor market we have customized our own system that we feel is the best available.

Meet the BlueSquare team:

We install a series of in-floor jets and cleaning heads from our BlueSquare and Paramount manufacturers, large in-floor drains from Paramount, and the maintenance free valve system from BlueSquare we can heat the pool from the bottom, and even better, eliminate the need to vacuum your swimming pool. Pair this system up with a variable speed pump for energy efficiency – and you have a pool that is heating from the bottom, continually filtering your water at a minimal electricity expense, and cleaning your pool all at the same time.

The in-floor heating, cleaning and efficiency system should be planned and installed with your new pool construction. It is also an option during major renovations of vinyl liner and gunite swimming pools.

In-Floor Heating/Cleaning Efficiency System Photos

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