Should equipment be covered for the winter when winterizing or closing a pool?

This is a question that we get quite frequently. In the past, equipment was commonly covered with plastic or tarps for the winter season here in Michigan. What we found was that covered equipment, especially heaters, began to deteriorate more quickly when moisture was trapped by the plastic under the cover. So our current recommendation is no, do not cover the equipment during the winter months.

Most of the time when a service crew winterizes your system, they will remove all the plugs allowing your equipment to drain. The plugs are usually stored in the basket of the pump (so if you are wondering where everything is in the spring, check there – it’s industry standard).

It is important that your closing crew know how to properly winterize lines so that all residual water is removed that could expand when it freezes and burst a pipe.

Ask the Pool Guy Al Curtis
Ask the Pool Guy, Al Curtis

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