Should my pool have a diving board?

That’s a great question. Industry regulations have changed since back in the day when I am told that any pool just about could have a diving board installed.

Now, there are strict requirements for the diving envelope for a residential swimming pool. Even if we are doing a patio renovation, and there was a diving board, our standards for diving board installation will not allow us to put the diving board back up if the pool does not meet the current code and standards.

It’s a little bit complicated to understand. Basically put, your diving envelope needs to be large enough to accommodate for the board to be “approved.” If it’s not, we can’t put it back up, nor would we recommend that you use it.

Here is a link to SRSmith’s Diving Envelope Technical Stats

American National Standard for
Residential Inground Swimming Pools ANSI/NSPI-5 2003