Spa Covers and One Piece Spa Covers Connected to the Pool

To cover the spa with a hard top foam cover, or all as one with the pool is often a question we get in preparation for the winter season here in Michigan. Our answer on which is the best option really depends on the homeowner’s preference.

If you are going to use your spa even when the pool is closed, then you definitely want to go with separate covers on the pool and the spa. If you close them down both at the same time, then go with a one piece. If you want flexibility and options, then I’d go with one of each, a cover for the pool and a cover for the spa. Here’s a bonus consideration…when you have separate covers, you can use the spa cover all year round! That way even in the summer when you are heating the spa to a toasty temperature, you can use the foam cover to retain as much heat as possible!

Hard spa covers can become old and waterlogged over time. If the cover is heavy, or too heavy to lift easily, it’s time to replace it, both for function and safety. Of course, if you need a replacement cover, we can provide this for you, so just let us know and we’re happy to help!

Pool with Spa Cover installed by Pietila Pools Services
Pool with Spa Cover

Spa Cover

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 Spa Cover