Swimming Pool Openings in FOWLERVILLE, Michigan

Swimming Pool Openings in FOWLERVILLE, Michigan

The Ask the Pool Guy team will be happy to perform your FOWLERVILLE, MI Spring Swimming Pool Opening

To prepare for your swimming pool opening:

  1. Call to schedule in advance. Our schedule fills up quickly. If you have a party or event and you know you want your pool open and looking great, schedule your opening  at least one week before so you have time to fill the pool, get the water balanced, and turn the heater on.
  2. Locate your supplies that were stored for the winter including the ladder, handrails, safety cover bag, automatic chlorinator, skimmer basket and eyeballs.
  3. Hook up your garden hose and make sure the water is turned on.
  4. Provide access to an electrical outlet.

When calling to schedule your swimming pool opening to reserve your pool opening date:

  1. Have a day or week in mind that you’d like to request. We do our best to accommodate your scheduling requests. We open pools 7 days a week, so scheduling a weekend pool opening in FOWLERVILLE, MI is a definite possibility.
  2. Let our scheduler know what type of pool you have, whether it is vinyl, gunite, or fiberglass. Also let us know if you have a plastic cover or a safety cover, as well as if you have a spa, waterfall or other special feature our crew should know about.
  3. If you have water delivered by truck, let us know that as well. We need to coordinate so as soon as our crew is finished with the opening, the truck can arrive to fill the pool.
  4. If you request it ahead of time, we can also bring out any supplies you need such as salt, chemicals, or maintenance equipment. Just let us know!

Here are some of the things we will do when we get to your FOWLERVILLE, MI pool to open your pool for the season:

  • Plastic Winter Cover: Pump water off cover, remove and bag leaves from cover, empty and fold water bags, rinse and fold cover
  • Safety Cover:  Remove and Fold Cover into Storage Bag
  • Start-up of filter system & heater
  • Install deck equipment
  • Add start-up chemicals
  • Note any repairs needed
  • Wash off deck
  • Deliver summer maintenance chemicals on request
  • Net and/or Vacuum pool (dependent on water clarity-return trip charge may apply)

Should my Gunite Pool have an Acid Wash during the spring opening?

The Ask the Pool Guy service team offers acid washes for gunite pools that have not been previously painted. An acid wash may be required if the pool has not been opened for a number of years (which we often see with foreclosed or recently purchased homes. An acid wash may also be needed if the gunite is turning colors such as brown, or has extensive staining from leaves or other environmental factors.

Acid washes for gunite swimming pools that have not been previously painted can be provided in place of your swimming pool opening, and will include the pool opening services. (Please call for pricing)

If you are not sure whether or not you need an acid wash, our team can let you know if an acid wash is warranted, and if your yard conditions are okay to perform the service. Whatever you do, NEVER, EVER drain your in-ground pool without the supervision of your pool professional. The homeowners is also responsible for the water to refill the pool upon completion of the acid wash either by hose or trucked in.

If you have any other questions about scheduling your swimming pool opening for your pool located in FOWLERVILLE, MI, please call 248-478-4978. We are happy to answer questions if this is your first year with a pool, if you’ve just purchased a home with a pool, or if you just don’t remember some of the details about what you should be doing.

When Should I open my Swimming Pool in Michigan?

The typical opening time for a pool in FOWLERVILLE, MI is anytime in the spring when the weather begins to warm up. In previous years we have opened pools in your area as early as the end of March, and as late as the middle of June. If you have a safety cover on your pool, we recommend opening the pool in April or the beginning of May to prevent unwanted algae growth, especially if we have a warm spring. As an algae preventative, if you have a safety cover in FOWLERVILLE, MI, you should also add a case of liquid chlorine under one corner of the cover as soon as the water thaws in the beginning of April. This will help ensure that you have a clear pool when you take the cover off.

Should I upgrade to a Safety Cover?

If you have been considering the purchase and installation of a safety cover, we can quote that at anytime during the season. Please let our team know if you are interested in a safety cover quote, a new heater quote, or one of the new efficient pool pumps or salt generating systems.

Ask the Pool guy is a professional swimming pool company that opens and services swimming pools in Fowlerville, MI. The types of pool serviced by Ask the Pool Guy are in-ground vinyl liner pools, gunite pools and fiberglass pools.


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