Legendary Escapes offers full service for swimming pools, spas and water features.

    • Swimming Pool Openings
    • Swimming Pool Closings
    • Weekly Swimming Pool Service
    • Pump and Filter Repair
    • Heater troubleshooting
    • Leak Detection
    • Lights
    • Vinyl Liner repair and replacement
    • Tile installation and renovation
    • Coping installation and renovation
    • Gunite and Marcite installation, repair and renovation
    • Steps
    • Water Features
    • Plumbing
    • Fountains
    • Spas
    • Automatic Pool Covers
    • Vinyl Liner Replacements for inground pools
    • Safety Covers
    • Concrete work including pads, patios, and colored/textured patio options
    • Fence repair
    • Drainage issues

Vinyl Liner Replacements

Replace your vinyl liner and breathe new life into your pool. Prices vary depending on your exact pool conditions and specifications. Liners come in 20 Mil or 30 Mil thicknesses.
This is what is done during a typical liner replacement.
 Removal and disposal of old liner
 minor patching to hard-bottom
 installation of new liner
 replacement of gaskets and face plates
 cut in the liner
 fill the pool with water
 balance the water chemistry
 resume maintenance

Liner Style Choices – – In his local market of Metro Detroit, Ask the Pool Guy has been in the industry for over 25 years, installing and servicing swimming pools. If it’s a new and trendy liner with custom details, or a standard liner installation, he’s your go to resource. Just ask Jacquie – she is a happy long time customer and was thrilled to share her thoughts! Thanks Jacquie, it’s customers like you and your family that keep the pool guy motivated to help build families back yard dreams.

Safety Cover Installation

Safety Covers for any shape pool and spa. As Safety Cover Specialists we are able to design and fit your custom fit safety cover to just about any shape and size. We can provide covers and installation from a basic rectangle to a custom free form shape with obstacles (rock cut-outs, raised spas, waterfalls) and create a safe, eye-catching back yard experience, even when the pool is closed.

Safety covers are a great investment for the safety and security of your pool during the winter months. Call to set up an appointment for your safety cover estimate. Cover prices vary, and depend on the size, shape, custom fit, and any obstacles the cover needs to be built around. We recommend and install: Merlin Safety Covers.

Key Benefits

Merlin covers are the best combination of safety, value, and convenience. Only a specially designed tool will unlock your cover. Tension springs attached to the webbing easily lock onto brass anchors-and quickly slip off in the same fashion. Safety is the concern of every pool owner.

Pool Openings

Spring Swimming Pool Openings

If you request it ahead of time, we can also bring out any supplies you need such as salt, chemicals, or maintenance equipment. Just let us know!

Pool Openings include:

  • Plastic Winter Cover: Pump water off cover, remove and bag leaves from cover, empty and fold water bags, rinse and fold cover
  • Safety Cover:  Remove and Fold Cover into Storage Bag
  • Start-up of filter system & heater
  • Install deck equipment
  • Add start-up chemicals
  • Note any repairs needed
  • Wash off deck
  • Deliver summer maintenance chemicals on request
  • Net and/or Vacuum pool (dependent on water clarity-return trip charge may apply)

Acid Washing

Our crew will let you know if an acid wash is warranted, and if your yard conditions are okay to perform the service. Whatever you do, NEVER, EVER drain your in-ground pool without the supervision of your pool professional. The homeowners is also responsible for the water to refill the pool upon completion of the acid wash either by hose or trucked in. Typically, we do acid washes for long-term standing customers and pools we know well and have worked with before. If you haven’t worked with us before we suggest that you check out our directory at or call the office to get a reference of another company that can do an acid wash.

Pool Closings

We offer you convenience and protection against damage from improper winterization.

Pool closings include:

    • pool chemicals needed for closing
    • winterizing the plumbing, pump, filter and heater, and any optional equipment you have including slide, spa, and waterfall.
    • Once the pool is ready, we put your winter pool cover on, either the plastic type with water bags or a safety cover {we offer free safety cover quotes}
    • Call for pricing which is fairly standard, with up-charges for certain spa/waterfall combinations.
    • Swimming pool closings are warrantied when we also perform your spring pool opening.
    • We cannot be responsible for pool covers blowing in, large objects, or acts of nature that disrupt our service quality.

Map of Approximate Service Area

We service the Metro Detroit area, if you are on the border of our service area, please call – we’d love to chat with you about what you need, and if we can’t help you would be happy to recommend someone that we may know in your area.


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