Cowboy Themed Waterfall

Cowboy Western Watering Hole Hybrid Pool:  This waterfall is something very different and very fun with all the different color rocks and minerals, then do not forget about the barrels and boots either!

The Waterfall in Progress

Cowboy Western Watering Hole:  Karen gives us the plan for all of the waterfall! Right now it is at the very beginning stages and only some concrete with a couple cinder blocks, but it is very cool to hear her Read More …

How to: Tru-tile

Cowboy Western Watering Hole:  Here is some more information about the TruTile that we use on all of our pools! Al talks about where the two different kinds of pools meet.

Importance of Rebar in a Gunite Swimming Pool

Element: Gunite  Ever wondered about the construction of our sun shelves? Here is more about the design and process that goes into it to make it awesome! Caution: This video contains technical language and pictures of actual work being done..