Prep for Tile

Cowboy Western Watering Hole Hybrid Pool:  Prepping for tile is more complex then most would think it needs to be! But it must be a smooth surface for the tile to lay flat.

Tour of Hybrid Pool Equipment

Hybrid Pool Element: Plumbing and Equipment The pool girl was doing a quick eqiupment overview of a Pentair system with intelliflo pumps, a large sand filter with sidemount multiport, infloor cleaning system, salt system intellichlor, and a zinc anode. Learn Read More …

Jesse Does Tile

Cowboy Western Watering Hole:  Jesse scrapes off all of the junk that gets onto our true track, it might not be the most fun job but it is for sure important!

Prep for the Waterfall

Cowboy Western Watering Hole:  Karen gives us the plan for the waterfall and what they have already created and how that base will build up to a beautiful waterfall!

Post Gunite Day

Cowboy Western Watering Hole:  Katie talks us through what happened today on the job site with the gunite portions of the Hybrid pool!

Tying Steel

Cowboy Western Watering Hole:  Here are some fun pictures of the pool team tying steel before gunite.