The First Call

When you call Legendary Escapes about a pool you are going to be asking questions of course, but we are also going to be asking you some very important questions! We only build certain kinds of pools, only for people that we want to work for! We turn down a lot of work, and have many references for those who we are not fitting for them as a company. For anyone who calls in though we are going to ask you some basic questions like: Have you been to our website? What kind of pool do you think you want? Where do you live? Did you want any features? What are you really looking for in a pool? Was is your budget? and so many more! We want to be very open with you about our process and getting to know you from the start is extremely helpful for us to get you to the correct place either with us and deliver an awesome backyard escape you will love or with someone else to create your dream.