The interesting facts about Legendary Escapes Pool Owners – and what makes them so special…

{BIL} POOL DIG (23)You might be interested in some interesting facts about Legendary Escapes pool owners – especially those that we have recently built. When we talk about our projects [with price tags in the very happy range for a very happy, all inclusive backyard escape] the assumption is that the people building these pools must be rich. They must live in exclusive zip codes and have a certain style mini mansion. We’d like to let you in on the secret — that couldn’t be further from the case.

Our homeowners are down to earth people who value experiences. They value special features, not for what they cost, but for how they make you feel. They are the kind of people who would invite you over for a back yard barbecue and not care if you forgot to take your shoes off while walking through the house. Have your dog with you (or in our case Penny, our Pool Guy’s Golden Retriever), she’ll have a room in the house, and her own water bowl before long.

Our pools are most often built on dirt roads in the back yards of some pretty special and average looking homes. In subdivisions where there may be another pool, but no sense of keeping up with the Jones’. In dual income or single income family homes where the homeowner writes a draw check for twenty thousand dollars on a personal check with Tom and Jerry gracing the front. Our pools appeal to engineers, accountants, small business owners, and stay at home parents. Teachers, science majors, salesmen, grandparents and former military members.

Our homeowners are looking to create something special in their backyard. A special place for family to enjoy. A special place to escape the reality of the day to day grind. Their own little space to enjoy quiet, tranquility, splashing and laughing.

We achieve this not by using rulers and straight lines with ultra modern materials, but with energy and a little bit of our own rustic style. Our pools are trend-setting, that’s for sure. They could grace the covers of a magazine, though that’s not where they get the measure of their importance. The technology they feature is some of the best. The materials are special, not in the make of the material, but in the unique way that we put them together. They flow. They feel that they belong. Best of all they make our homeowners smile, bounce and jump for joy when the pool guy shows them a glimpse of the backyard that could be theirs, and yes, sometimes even cry.

We love pulling up into the yard of a project that is just ready to get started, and we love coming back to pools that we’ve built, because, at least for a while, they feel like it’s our home too. The Pool Guy leaves a piece of him in the yard. His signature style. An essence. An energy. And a style that is all his own. Each of our team members has their own special part to play, and best of all, our homeowners, they are a part of our team too.