The Pool Guy sculpts & carves concrete to make your swimming pool extraordinary

Carved Concrete to Make Your Swimming Pool Extraordinary

Allan Curtis – Carving Concrete – Click the photo to view this pool’s entire photo gallery.

(July 2012) – You’ve probably heard the quote from Jimmy Johnson that says, “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” While this quote is generally thought of in terms of sports—as Johnson was a football coach—it can easily translate into almost every aspect of life. When it comes to your backyard escape, the difference certainly is that little extra.

Allan Curtis, designer/builder of Legendary Escapes Pool Scapes, specializes in “that little extra.” He has built a life and a career around providing customers with the little extra to make their swimming pools extraordinary. One of the details that can make a huge difference in a backyard is carved concrete.  The opportunities with concrete are endless. In the hands of a skilled artist, concrete can be transformed into anything you can imagine. From retaining walls and privacy fences to fountains, sculptures, fire pits and more—anything is possible.

Curtis has created many extraordinary swimming pools and has pioneered the process of building hybrid pools. Hybrid pools are pools that use both vinyl liner elements and gunite (or concrete) elements. Curtis can, for example, create custom concrete water features to be added to a vinyl liner pool. For customers in Milford, Curtis built a vinyl liner pool with a concrete turtle fountain to add some splash and excitement to the spillover kiddie pool.

A Roman themed vinyl liner pool in Davisburg was taken to extraordinary levels with carved Romanesque columns and a beautiful water feature. The water feature keeps with the Roman theme and adds a luxurious feel to the pool. Water cascades down from the center of the feature and from pots on each side.

A concrete rock waterslide was built into a gunite beach-entry pool in Highland. This pool also features a concrete turtle water feature in the beach entry area to provide some splash play and fun while entering the pool. The homeowners at this pool truly have a backyard oasis. The carved concrete details make their pool truly extraordinary.


Allan Curtis specializes in creating extraordinary custom swimming pools. Pioneering the hybrid pool process, Curtis provides customers with endless opportunities to turn their backyard dreams into reality. Legendary Escapes Pool Scapes constructs vinyl liner, gunite and hybrid swimming pools. For more information, or to set up an appointment with Allan Curtis, contact Legendary Escapes by phone at 248-478-4978, by email at, or on the web at