The Significance of a Backyard Theme

Have you ever thought about what makes the difference between a basic space and a “Pinterest-perfect” area? More often than not, it’s a clear theme that carries through every aspect and detail of the space. From light fixtures to furniture, an area that feels well-styled and put together keeps in mind a consistent theme without overdoing it. That’s what sets Legendary Escapes pools apart from the rest–Al works with homeowners to find out about their passions, interests, and happy places. Together, they pick a theme for the backyard and Al gets to work on a design.

Small details make all the difference--like the antique water pump on this waterfall in a mining-themed pool.
Small details make all the difference–like the antique water pump on this waterfall in a mining-themed pool.

Where pools are concerned, basic ones are pretty easy to come by. But isn’t it more fun to hang out somewhere that feels put-together and artistic? There must be a reason we love Pinterest so much, right? We at Legendary Escapes live for those little touches that make a swimming pool so much more than that. When it comes down to it, our projects aren’t just swimming pools–they’re custom entertaining areas. We love to work with homeowners to decide on the perfect theme, and then work hard to create a perfect space that incorporates that theme into every detail. We’ve created beautiful backyards in a variety of themes, including Steampunk, Caribbean, Old World, woodsy, and tropical.

In a themed space, it’s the details that make the biggest difference. It’s not hard to carry a theme through the major components, but the small details really bring it all together. These small details are where Al truly shines. Like when he found a pile of old railroad spikes and re-purposed them as towel hooks. Or a rustic wine barrel re-purposed as a table, rather than a basic pre-fab table. Al loves to work with unexpected materials to create details like light fixtures, tables, and other accents. Recycled barn wood is another favorite, adding an extra layer of depth that brand new wood can’t provide. Even the pool materials Al chooses play into his greater vision. We always tell customers to trust Al when he thinks a particular coping style, liner color, or patio finish is the way to go. Of course, Al welcomes input from the homeowner–it is their backyard, after all! But, as a previous client stated, “Al has the big picture in mind with every decision. Trust him to make the right choice.”

We all probably had an elementary school teacher with a corny poster on her wall reading, “the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just a little ‘extra.'” It may be corny, but it is true. When it comes to your backyard entertainment area, the little “extra” is what will set your swimming pool apart from the rest. Each Legendary Escapes pool is custom-designed to fit the needs and desires of the customer, and Al and his team work tirelessly to bring that theme through every aspect of the area. Check out the portfolio tab for some of our favorite hybrid creations, and see for yourself the beautiful details that make Legendary Escapes projects truly legendary.