This winter was hard on swimming pool tile in Michigan…

Tile Renovations on a swimming pool in Michiganas our crews have been out on the road opening swimming pools, we’ve noticed some trends. This past winter was very hard on pools in Michigan. A lot of tile has popped off, which is a relatively common occurrence here in Michigan, with the freeze/thaw cycle and even with the best of preparation.

A recommendation would be that as soon as you notice something irregular about your tile, you should do something about it, ie hire someone to come out and work on a remedy. The longer you wait, the more substantial your issue can become.

Tile serves cosmetic purposes on a pool. It also allows for easier scrubbing of the scum line (without it, it would be hard to keep the ring around your pool clean). Without tile, a pool doesn’t look as good. Once a pool has tile and it begins to crumble and fall off, it’s even worse.

If you need any help with tile or coping repair on your swimming pool in the Metro Detroit area, Pietila Pools Services is here to help. Based out of Livingston County, Michigan, our service area extends about 60 miles in each direction.