tile work

When I’m faced with a pool tile repair or a complete redo part of me wants to groan long and loud. The work isn’t brain surgery, any determined do-it-yourselfer can do it, the effort is just labor intensive and messy, especially if you are stripping old tile off to replace with new.
Success will be determined by your commitment to prep the area properly. If your job proceeds anything like mine do, half way through, you’ll be wondering what you got yourself into. I usually throw a few creative curses at myself too, as I spend hours chipping off shattered tiles that refused to just pop off entact for me. Then, once the tile has all been removed, the messy part begins. The remaining adhesive needs to be thoroughly ground off because anything remaining will throw off how well the new tile lays in the old space. I usually end up looking like a dusty albino.
It truly is a nasty job, but if you stay focused on completing the prep work right, the new application will be a breeze….compared to the prep work.