Victor Banta for Legendary Escapes

Victor Banta's stunning photo of a custom Legendary Escapes swimming pool.

Victor Banta photography captures stunning images of the hybrid pools we build here at Legendary Escapes. What Al Curtis does for the design and construction of pools, Victor Banta does for the photography of them. When we finish constructing a pool, after the long hours and hard work we have put into it, we want to capture its unique qualities and design the best we can. Victor Banta takes incredible photos and captures the essence of the pool and its design.

Al Curtis, builder and designer for Legendary Escapes, is no stranger to the creative process.  This is, perhaps, why we love Victor Banta and his photography. Al’s creativity is showcased throughout the design and construction process, so it’s only natural that we would want to capture the finished product in an equally creative and high-quality way.

We may be a pool company, but Victor doesn’t just do pool photos. He is a skilled photographer with a true creative eye. To see more of Victor’s work and find out more about him, visit his website or contact him now.