Vinyl Liner Installation: What is the best time of year to install a new swimming pool liner?

Vinyl Liner Install Q&A

Question Emailed to Ask The Pool Guy:

I have a true L residential pool that is 41 ft long and 16 ft. Wide in the 8ft. Deep end and 26 ft. Wide in the shallow end. I plan on having it installed in the spring and would like a price and advice on whether this is the best time. it has a vermiculite base and steel sides. it also has 8ft. Wide fiberglass steps. Thank you.

Response from Ask the Pool Guy’s Team:
We got your online inquiry about putting in a new vinyl liner. Spring is a good time to do a replacement as long as you don’t have significant ground water issues. This spring in Michigan was relatively dry compared to last year, so we didn’t see any issues with ground water coming in once we took liners out, so it just depends on how rainy our April and May are.

The weather should also be warm enough that the liner is flexible and we can get it in on a day with good sun so the liner will form to the pool the way it needs to. Liners can be put in anytime that the conditions are right. This week (August 27th, 2012), for example, is an excellent week for replacing liners. We have warm weather, and even though it has rained a bit, it is dry enough that it wouldn’t cause any issues.

Price of a New Vinyl Liner 

To give you a specific price we’d need to come out and take a look at your pool, coping, the condition of the bottom etc. The only thing not included with that price is the water to fill the pool which you can do with a hose, or bring in with a truck. Trucks carry about 8-9k gallons, so you’d need at least 3 trucks with some from the hose to fill your pool completely. If you go with a truck, you’ll be looking at about $1000 for water. If there are any groundwater issues such as water flowing into the bottom of the pool once the liner is removed we often recommend starting with at least one truck to set the liner so it doesn’t float while the installation is happening and cause wrinkles to remain in the bottom.

We are happy to quote this for you anytime, either this year or next. (If you are thinking that it’s a for sure thing in the spring and you can have us out to quote and take the measurements it’s a whole lot easier to get accurate measurements if we don’t have to contend with the cover and water quality in the spring)…

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