What Does Comfort, Style Look Like?

MIN Nautical Legendary Escape (55)
The Comfy Couch
Old School Plastic Couch

My friend’s grandmother keeps her house absolutely, meticulously perfect. She keeps each pillow on the couch fluffed and perfectly straight. The centerpiece on the dining room table is exactly in the center, no matter what, and each chair is evenly spaced. Her kitchen is all spotless marble and stainless steel, with nothing on the counters except beautiful little decorations and accents. She prides herself on being ready for company at any moment, always ready to entertain and impress.

My grandmother has a couple of well-loved couches, a recliner that has been around for as long as I can remember, and plenty of extra dining room chairs and folding chairs for the living room. Her dining room table needs to be moved out a bit further from the wall each time we need it. There are always snacks and cookies on the kitchen counter, waiting for someone to find and enjoy them. She is ready for company at any moment.

There is nothing wrong with either one of these homes. They are both beautiful and full of pride and care. They are the picture of comfort and style for the very different women who live inside. Comfort and taste varies immensely from person to person. The same goes for the outside of a person’s house, doesn’t it? Passing by different houses, you can imagine what the inside of their home looks like based on the outside–the landscaping, the lawn mower lines, the leaves from the trees, the swimming pool in their yard.

Most high quality swimming pool designers and builders specialize in a particular type of pool, and a particular “feel” or style. Some builders specialize in beautiful, meticulous swimming pools–with clean lines and angles, perfectly measured and precise. Here at Legendary Escapes, we specialize in just the opposite. Each of our custom swimming pools is meticulously designed and planned, but there are few clean lines and sharp angles. Our pools are fluid and comfortable. Our clients will tell you that you’ll rarely see a tape measure on site after the initial staking out. The pool design flows naturally, evolving with the clients and designer/builder.

If you can imagine a person’s living room by seeing the outside of their home, some pools evoke the image of plastic-covered couches and perfectly fluffed pillows. Some pools evoke the image of overstuffed couches and well-loved recliners. And, of course, there are countless pools and living rooms between the two. None is right or wrong; only different. We admire the work of our meticulous friends and their tape measures. But that’s not our style. Our style is snacks on the counter, warm and inviting.

As a homeowner who’s considering a swimming pool, it’s your job to decide what your style is. If you resonate with our vision, our fluid and organic design and construction process, our love for recycled and repurposed materials, and our dismissal of measuring tapes, we’d love to hear from you and see what we can do together. If you resonate on a different level, with clean lines and measurements, or with any other point on the spectrum of style, we appreciate that too! The most important decision you’ll make when building a pool is who will be the one designing and building it. Be sure to take plenty of time to identify your style and know what you want, so you’ll know when the right person comes to your door.