What if pool equipment is above the pool level?

Ask the Pool Guy Allan Curtis shares a quick tip on what to do if the pool equipment is above the pool level while performing maintenance or cleaning out the pump basket.

Ask the Pool Guy Allan Curtis was out and about over the weekend answering homeowner questions.

One question he fielded was what to do when the equipment for the pool is above pool level. In this case, approximately 3′. When priming the pump for the season, the pool guy recommends filling up the pipes from the pump to the pool with as much water as possible. He also uses a special connection on a garden hose and placed in the skimmer to force water up the pipe to the pump. Once the pump is primed, as long as the system stays running and allows no air into the system, turning the pump on and off should be just fine. In situations where there is  a slight air leak, perhaps from a pump lid not sealing properly, you may lose prime when the system is off. If you need to open the pump basket to remove debris, close the valves coming into the pump while cleaning, and be sure to re-open it when you are ready to turn the system back on.

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  1. That sounds great. Also as pool water evaporates higher concentrations of metals develop. Ferri Iron tabs are a great way of reducing the discoloration that comes along with it. Thanks looking forward to more of your blog. Tom

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