What is the best brand of Safety Cover?

There are many makers of safety covers on the market. Our favorite by far is the Merlin Cover.

We have been installing Merlin Covers for decades now, and have found them to be long lasting, great to install, and great to work with as a company. There are many other great brands on the market, each with their own style and features. Some of the other popular brands include: Loop-Loc, Rayner, Cover Pools, Kafko (another brand we highly recommend). You will also find Doheny online and Garrett Covers.

If you are looking for replacement parts including springs and grommets, we can usually help you find those.

We have worked with almost all the brands of covers, from simple installation to complex waterfalls and cutouts. Our installation team can help you with any type of cover that you have – and are happy to answer questions and even put you in touch with the manufacturer’s reps when needed.

As a reminder, you get what you pay for. If your safety cover price is too good to be true, that may be because it is. We encourage you to work with reputable companies for both the quoting and installation of covers. It is an acquired skill, and not all pool builders and service companies are comfortable with the process. Pietila Pools Services sells and installs safety covers with intricate patterns, cutouts, and challenging installation aspects to fairly standard stock covers in rectangles, ovals, custom freeform shapes, and more. Call or use the contact us page if we can help you in any way!

*Pietila Pools Services is also offering financing of Merlin Safety Covers and installations. Inquire to see if you may qualify.

Gunite Pool in Clarkston by Legendary Escapes Pools (41)
Gunite Pool in Clarkston by Legendary Escapes Pools with a Safety Cover and Cutouts