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Legendary Escapes offers artistic, custom swimming pool designs – themed works for art. If you are looking for something that is new, interesting and exciting, you’re in the right place.

Who is the perfect pool client for the pool guy?

Our Homeowner talks about the design of his project

Our designer, Al Curtis, has been in the industry with hands on, practical experience* since joining the industry during his college years. Starting out studies in art, and finishing with a degree in physics with a minor in math, Al has a special understanding of how to put elements together for truly exceptional artistic design, and still maintain the flow and function that the mechanicals will determine.There is a special type of project that he has become known for – it is water as art. It’s something that’s not just a pool, it’s a backyard resort. It’s not just a place to spend time, it’s a place to be in a moment of pure enjoyment. It’s not just something creative, it’s unique in every element – photos don’t do the backyard experience justice. You need to step foot to the pool environment to “get it.” If you’d like a tour of some of our favorite backyard escapes, we are happy to make arrangements. If you’d like to create something magical in your yard, please call for a design consultation. We are currently accepting new clients who want something new, unique and artistic. For those who are seeking price comparisons, or simple pools in style and function, we have several companies that we will happily recommend. Signing up for a project with Legendary Escapes is a very special experience.

Al has been getting quite creative in recent years. Implementing elements of gunite pools in his projects, as well as vinyl liner design and function, has allowed Al to explore the limits of “traditional” pool building. He has been paving the way in the industry for a new product line and experience. Al is the only builder that we know of who is building hybrid pools – the benefits of gunite without the drawbacks, and the benefits of vinyl without the limitations.  Al is also training professional pool builders in the unique process of combining the elements. Legendary Escapes will design and build in any area of the United States, both as the builder of record, and in partnership with your local swimming pool design and build companies.

What is next in the creative process of design with Legendary Escapes?

*Without having the actual years of experience counted for every professional in the industry, we believe, that Al Curtis has more hands on, in field experience than any custom builder, designer, or pool professional that we know of. Some people design from a desk, some people implement designs in the field. Al does both, and he has been for his entire adult life. (If you know someone who may have comparable years in the industry and experience, please introduce us, we’d love to put together a mastermind/think tank for industry growth, and would love to include those who have the special relationship with the pool industry.)

Ask the Pool Guy Explains Drawings, Concepts and Inspiration for Pool Designs

Please call or email to schedule an appointment or to ask us some questions.

Pool Design Drawings by Legendary Escapes Pool Scapes

A few pool design/consult helpful hints & FAQ’s

Q: It sounds like you build really amazing projects (clearly you do, as the photos show). Does this mean my budget needs to be unlimited to work with you?

A: Thank you for appreciating our designs. To answer your question, no, your budget does not need to be unlimited to work with us. We will be priced above a “basic” experience, though not unreasonably so. We do have creative ideas at many budget levels, so if you have an idea of where you’d like your project budget to fall, we can do our best to accommodate your request. To find the best balance in a budget it’s best to imagine everything that you could possibly want, and then scale the project to the must have’s to accomplish what you’d like within the means that are available. (This strategy also works for space restrictions and during the design process.)

Q: I know I want a pool, but other than that I have no idea what I want, or what it should look like. Is that a problem?

A: Of course that’s not a problem at all! It’s your responsibility to know that you want a pool, and to be able to make some decisions. The design and dream building, that’s ours. If this describes you, just make an appointment. We will help you through the process – and will make it as fun, simple, and ________ (fill this in with your most pressing concern) as we can for you. You don’t have to worry about the things we worry about…that’s what we are here for.

Q: What should I do to prepare for my appointment?

A: It would be helpful if you could locate a plot plan or survey that we can use during the design process. Other than that, have all decision makers at the initial appointment, and during any follow-ups that are scheduled.

Q: I know what I want, can you just give me a price?

A: If you haven’t met with Al yet, or had him walk through your yard, you may not know what is possible. On a very rare occasion, the idea that a homeowner has in their mind is the exact pool that will be built. Often, it’s the dialogue and design process that help to create an even better idea, unique in style, and extremely personal to the homeowner that becomes the final design for the project.  So back to the original question, no, we would prefer not to just give you a price.

Q: Will you be walking me through selections of materials and colors when we sign our agreement?

A: This is where our design style is unique and special. During your project, Al will meet with you during the steps where decisions need to be made regarding tile, pebble, and liner choices, as well as many of the other smaller, yet essentially important elements. As the project comes together, the elements that need to be added usually identify themselves. You are buying the creative process as much as you are investing in the finished project with Al as your designer/builder. We do not provide a standard list of supplies and materials to choose from. Allow the process to work, and for Al to guide you along the way. It is important that during your design process Al has a clear understanding of your style, and that you have an understanding of his working style so that the elements can come together in a seamless way. Many people who appreciate the artistic value of elements on a pool simply “see” the element in a one-dimensional aspect, such as “liking the color” of a particular tile. Al sees the element incorporated into a three-dimensional project, in relation to all of the other pieces, and also how it will function in the space. Allow his guidance to help design a well thought out and functional project rather than a bunch of stuff that was just stuck together.  As we joke about this part, there is also an element of seriousness, don’t be the pool that we have to leave out of the book – because that will just be a bummer.

Q: I want my pool in, yesterday. Can you hurry the process along?

 A: We will do everything in our power to get you into your pool as timely as possible. That being said, please don’t shortchange yourself long term (think years and years) just to get the pool finished one week earlier right now than was planned. For special projects, there needs to be design time, element incorporation time, and be present in the process time. Does this mean that the projects drag out? No, it doesn’t. Things that are worthwhile however, are usually worth waiting for. It does mean that if you are patient, and allow the process, you will be thrilled in the long term, even if you have to wait a week or two longer to swim…we also have zero control over building departments and approval processes for homeowner’s associations and the like.

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