When is the right time in Michigan to close a pool?

That’s a great question, and much is up to personal choice. Our service team has been closing swimming pools since mid September, though we aren’t anywhere close to being finished just yet. The majority of pools are closed between September and October, though some people enjoy their pool right through November, and as long as the system is running if the weather gets to freezing, this is quite all right.

It is common for most pools to be winterized or closed for the season by the end of October. We do still have room in our calendar in September, and are waiting for a few more busy days on the phones which usually happens right after a couple of chilly fall days.

It’s not too late to order a safety cover, or have one quoted, if you are interested. We do have financing options available.

We are also happy to offer guidance and suggestions for when to open the pool in the spring (usually late April and into May), as well as offer any over the winter maintenance questions you may have. We are sharing a new product with our customers who give us feedback via our website this year, the Winter Pill. Let us know if you are interested and we’ll share with you how you can get one for free! (Service scheduling # 248-478-4978.)


Winter Pill, Free with Feedback from Pietila Pools Services