Zinc Anode for a Salt Water Pool

Via Ask the Pool Guy on Facebook

Inside of a filter with a salt system missing a zinc anode

For those of you that have a salt pool. Here is the reason why you need a zinc anode. It becomes the sacrifice for trade electrical charges in the water. Without it trace electrical attacks metal parts of the pool.

The nut on the inside of the top of the filter is disintegrated, causing filter failure.

If you need a zinc anode for your pool, please call 248-478-4978 to place an order. This item is not currently available through our online shopping store.




Stop metal and plaster corrosion! A must for salt water pools!
Zinc Anode Weight was designed to stop metal erosion, and plaster discoloration due to galvanic corrosion. Keeps skimmer basket in place. Bolts permanently inside or outside any skimmer basket.