Al Talks About His Involvement In Projects

Ask the Pool Guy (Al) talks about one of the things that makes him stand out in the pool industry, and that is his level of involvement in each and every step of the process. There are plenty of swimming pool builders to choose from, as well as swimming pool designers, and contractors. But not many swimming pool professionals are actively involved every step of the way. Al goes on the initial design consultations, where he sits with homeowners in their own homes and learns about what their dream backyard would be. He comes up with a design and creates a drawing, and often a 3-dimensional model either of the whole pool area or one particular feature. Al is on site, operating the excavator, on day one of the dig; he is on site on the day of completion, and every day in-between. He truly takes pride in his work, and he is passionate about the process as a whole. He loves every part of it, and he always wants to ensure that he is proud of the final product.