Swimming Pool Tile Selection

Don’t just go to the tile supply house and hope to choose the tile for your pool. What something looks like in a showroom is going to be different that what it looks like on your pool, and with your pool coping. Be conscious of all the factors in swimming pool tile selection.

The Purpose of Tile on a Swimming Pool

In a follow-up to the question “When should I replace my liner?” Al talks about hiding the scum line and the difference between using real tile or a liner with a tile pattern at the top.

Overview of the Tru-Tile Overlap

Tru-Tile is a product that we love to use on our pool builds! Here Al talks about why we love this product and how we use it.

Choosing Tile and Coping Colors for the Pool

Choose colors in the same family to make sure all of your pool colors match and work well together, both those that are above water, and those below the water line as well.

Kaylee Trowels the Scratch Coat

Prepping for the Tiles on the gnuite part of the pool

Why Tru-Tile?

Al explains why he loves the Tru-Tile system and why we think that it is best to build pools with this system!

Where the Tile and Liner Meet

More Tru-Tile Liner installation!

Preping for Tile with Kaylee

Prepping for tile is more complex then most would think it needs to be! But it must be a smooth surface for the tile to lay flat.

Tile with Jesse

Here Jesse shows and explains how she does the tile on the side of the pool!

Tru-Tile and Equator Skimmer

Step-by-step solution to skimmer face-plate sticking out and ruining the flow of the tile work. This even fits in with the automatic cover track.

Jesse Puts Tile On

An awesome video of Jesse putting on the Tru- Tile for our latest project!

Tile Track and Waterfall Finish

True Tile is one of our favorite products we use it on all of our pools that we build!

Jesse Does Tile

Jesse scrapes off all of the junk that gets onto our true track, it might not be the most fun job but it is for sure important!

Tru-Tile with an Auto Cover
Here Al talks about all of the technical aspects of the latest job that we have completed.

Prepping for Scratch Coat

Kaylee is prepping for the true tile to go on the pool wall!

Setting Up for Tile

Karen explains a way to keep a nice straight line for the true tile even with the transition from the true track (vinyl) to the concrete surface exposed (gunite).