Let’s imagine.

You have been directed to this page because you are serious about building your pool.  Here is your opportunity to let your imagination loose in a world of what is possible when you match being ready to build your dream pool with our designer/builder, Al Curtis – who is very passionate about building amazing one of a kind custom, creative, organic, backyard swimming pools. 

  Al describes his design style as “organic.”  As he gets to know you, he will consider improvements that were not in the original plan and yet, somehow exactly what you did not know you wanted.  We always ask you to start with a trip around our website, this way you can see some of his earlier designs, and begin to notice things you like and enjoy. You can also create lists on pinterest and houzz, building your dream pool elements and theme. Al and our team can then take your ideas and create something magical based on their talents and your ideas.

  One of the first questions we’d like you to answer, is why are you building a pool? Many of our clients answer that they want a totally amazing pool environment in their back yard to enjoy with friends and family. Some are going to spend time with only family, and others want to be able to entertain fifty to one hundred people on the average weekend…we need to know this so your pool can be exactly what you need.

The only reality checks we have for you in our Legendary Escapes are can you dream big enough, and do you have the philosophy to become one of our clients? Our client philosophy knows what they want (a really cool pool), they know they want our team to build it, and they have the healthy budget for our team to let their creativity flow. Oh, and there’s that one, last, little thing. Really minor, actually. You have to be able to turn over creative freedom to AL and our team. If you do – you will have your socks knocked off, and your pool building experience, and final outcome will be more than you could have dreamed of.  

Ready to get started? Give us a call 248-478-4978 – whichever smiling member of our team takes your call will have a few questions to start to get to know you. From that first conversation they’ll take some notes and then ask Sandi to reach out and give you a call. Sandi is our coordinator of everything, and she’ll get a bit into our philosophy, confirm your budget – as well as where you’re imagination has started to go. If we are a match, we’ll set you up with a design meeting to get to know Al. If he sees your yard, and your vision, and it’s a match, then the design dreaming can really begin. And you can get ready for your adventure of a lifetime!