Project Portfolio

With decades of experience and hundreds of thousands of pool photos we could share, we’d like to focus on some of our most recent work in our portfolio galleries. While this doesn’t represent everything we can do, we hope it gives your imagination some ideas as you begin to think about your own Legendary Escape. We would love to talk to you more about what you’d like Al to help you dream up for your backyard swimming pool. Please reach out when you are ready, 248-478-4978. We’d love to create something just for you.

Project Portfolios

Where are we now?

{Pirate Shipwreck}, a Living Legendary Hybrid Pool{Relaxation in Shelby Twp} Legendary Escapes Hybrid Pool


We often talk about projects taking on a theme or flavor. This is a subtle way of making the pool and surrounding theme scape more relaxing, awesome, wonderful and inspiring. See if you can catch some of the details that help make these projects spectacular!

{Caribbean Steampunk} Hybrid Swimming Pool

{Pirate Shipwreck}, a Living Legendary Hybrid Pool

{Old World European Ruins} Legendary Escapes Vinyl Liner Pool

{Cowboy Watering Hole} Hybrid Swimming Pool

{Rocky Mountain Mining Camp} Legendary Escapes Hybrid Pool

{Spongebob Wilderness} Hybrid Swimming Pool {Zen and Fabulous}

Lakefront Hybrid Swimming Pool{Backyard Boating Legendary Escape}Freeform Swimming Pool

Projects worth Seeing