Hybrid Swimming Pool in Washington Twp., MI – click the photo to view the entire photo album.

In his continuing quest to build outstanding backyard art and bring clients’ dreams to life, Al Curtis, of Legendary Escapes Pools and Ask the Pool Guy, has created a new standard. He has continued to improve on his innovative technique of building hybrid pools, allowing customers to see extraordinary results in their backyards. In the summer of 2011, Curtis built a beautiful backyard getaway perfect for entertaining guests.

This project is a stunning hybrid of vinyl and gunite. It is more than just a swimming pool—it is a backyard oasis, ready for anything from upscale entertaining to family get-togethers. It was designed with the clients in mind throughout every step of the process. We worked with the clients at the initial consultation to find out exactly what they were looking for in a pool, and then endeavored to make their backyard everything they could have hoped for and more.

This pool is a unique hybrid project. It combines vinyl and gunite elements so the customer can enjoy the benefits of vinyl without the limitations and the benefits of gunite without the drawbacks. It allows for maximum customization and personalization, giving the customer the opportunity to enjoy a pool that is highly personal and exactly what he wanted. The pool features a pebble sun shelf, stairs and raised spa, a tiled rock slide and rock waterfall, a retaining wall with sheer descent fountain as well as natural accent boulders. The surrounding area features a matching stone fire pit and an outdoor bar and kitchen area. The pool also features an in-floor heating/efficiency and cleaning system. Every single detail, down to the landscaping and accents, was custom designed and made to fit the needs and desires of the client.

In an initial consultation, the client expressed his need for a place for upscale entertaining. Aside from this one request, the client gave our designer the artistic liberty to do just about anything he wanted with the pool. This partnership launched Curtis into one of his favorite projects to date. The design decisions were made jointly by the designer and the client, with the client trusting Curtis to choose products that would truly make the pool shine. A relationship of mutual trust and understanding gave him the opportunity to create a backyard unlike any other, one that is truly outstanding.


Al Curtis, builder and designer for Legendary Escapes Pools and Ask the Pool Guy, has been in the pool industry for decades. He is committed to building dreams in backyards and providing clients with a unique and outstanding experience. He specializes in vinyl, gunite, and hybrid swimming pools. If you are interested in a new swimming pool, you can contact him or a capable member of his team by phone (248-478-4978), email (pools@legendaryescapes.com), or online (www.legendaryescapes.com).

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