We use a lot of color theory while building our pools, so often people are curious what this means. We go into detail explaining color theory and what it means, which you can watch here:

Color theory is used in putting the back yard experience together. Sometimes things work well together, and other times it’s a stretch. When customers are choosing an element in their yard (when given the opportunity, some builders leave this entirely up to the customer without any explanation), the customer sees something they like – by itself – and they choose that. Only to get it back to the pool, or back home, to discover it clashes with everything! Why is this – and how can you learn what works, and what won’t? Follow the Robert Dorr color theory, and you’ll always know which color to choose.

Nature creates some stunning color palettes and when we build pools, we work within what nature is already able to create!

In the photos below, both of the tile photos showcase the exact SAME TILE. Notice how different the colors look when paired with either gray or blue. Context also matters in color selection.

Sun Ledge in ecoFinish Blue Lagoon

Notice how each of these color palettes can be drawn from the same photo sample.

Colored Textured Concrete Patio

This patio was done keeping “greys” in mind. notice how different colors work with the same sample of concrete since it’s not uniformly one color and has such a variety of blended colors.

Ceramic Tile and Reef Liner by Kafko Mfg

The tile in the gallery below is aztec cobalt 6×6, and the liner pattern is reef – again, with the subtle variations any of the color palettes below will work within this space, and you’ll see all the variations of blue in the pool/water throughout the day.

Liner Pattern: Reef by Kafko/Latham

Don’t try to choose the liner pattern for your pool by looking at the samples in your house, assuming that’s how the pattern will look once it is in your pool. Notice the color variations just in the sample photos – and then put it underwater at varying depths. You’ll always have changing colors – don’t get too caught up on the pattern – as you’ll never see it out of the water anyway…

This is Reef Patterned Liner Too!

The colors of this pool look nothing like the colors of the liner above – but it’s true – this is the same reef liner pattern, just seen from above on an overcast day.

Color Theory: Color Matters!

Pay attention to the colors around you to determine which colors really work together, and which aren’t as friendly. From the Robert Dorr color theory, all colors start with one of two colors. They either start with blue, or they start with yellow. Those are known as Key 1: Blue Undertone Colors and Key 2: Yellow Undertone colors. Once you spot the difference you’ll make the right color selection every time!

Color Tool: Canva

Canva has a really cool color wheel tool so you can play with colors, find those that compliment and really work (or not) with your design. Have fun – and explore some color!