On a hot summer day, you just can’t beat a dip in the pool. And for some cool summer fun, there’s nothing better than sliding down a waterslide into the pool! Admit it–it was the best when you were a kid, and you still get a little thrill from it. There’s something about reliving those childhood memories, soaking up summer, and feeling absolutely carefree in that moment.

slideBut not all slides are created equal. We all remember the classic blue slide from childhood. Maybe it led to a lake, maybe to a pool, but almost everyone has one that they can remember. They’re all the same, and they all needed a good soak with the hose or a bucket of water before you took that first slide–or your dry thighs would stick to the hot, dry slide, and it’s no more fun and games.

Now that we’ve grown up, we’ve upgraded a lot of things in our lives. So why not upgrade the slide, too? Why have the same old waterslide that everybody else has? Why keep dragging a bucket of water up the ladder? There’s a better option. Picture this: A beautiful, built-in, tiled rock slide that matches the theme of your swimming pool. And the best part? A constant water supply so you never have to worry about the bucket again.

With a custom hybrid swimming pool from Legendary Escapes, you’ll get a whole new slide experience. A beautiful, hand-tiled, custom sculpted rock slide is just one of many options for your pool. Isn’t it time to ditch the blue plastic slide and make an upgrade?
Glass Tiled Slides

How it’s built


If you think slides are just for kids…think again!


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