This swimming pool started with the homeowners asking for a pool to fit into their backyard space with a Caribbean feel. As we started the project they mentioned steampunk, as they are both engineers and slightly “gear heads”. That was all it took for our creative team to get the Steampunk Caribbean waterfall going.

You might also notice a moose near the waterfall. The homeowner, Wendy, an avid swimmer was nicknamed “Moose” during her competitive swimming days by her father, whose booming voice could be heard through the events at the start “Let’s go MOOSE!” Knowing this, we planned to incorporate a moose into the waterfall. When Al spotted this lifesize moose on the side of the road, he knew it would be at home with this pool, and we think it is the perfect accent!

Musical instruments on the waterfall, a solid concrete tree with the rope swing, surprise firebowl added for the homeowners, a bell helmet water feature, hybrid swimming pool with liner as the main body of water and satin finish on the sun ledge and loveseat, as well as the interior of the spa are all the finishing touches that we and this family love! Did we mention we love this family we had the amazing opportunity to work with? They are spectacular!


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