living legendary: The show

season 1 ~ featuring Captain Anthony and his merry pirate crew

cast legendary escapes
{part documentary, part reality, always legendary}

As our work has become more notable, and noticed, we started to hear from production companies (several really) interested in putting together a pool show concept. When we took a hard look at what a show would need to look like to fit our certain way, showcase our work, and more importantly our relationship with our homeowners and our work/life philosophies, we knew “traditional” television wasn’t going to be our best fit. We decided we would be interested though, in a “This Old House” PBS style documentary series about our process. So we hired a crew, invested time, energy, money, and our team, and this is what we’ve created.

Living Legendary is a mix of interviews, first hand accounts and live action moments. Mixing interviews and the live action shots on the job to show how a badass pool crew creates the unthinkable in a Michigan backyard.

Special kudos to Katie Curtis, the only person capable of telling this story, in this way, with this team. She spent just about every day of the pirate pool build on the job site,  filming, interviewing, editing, and lending a helping hand as needed on a shovel, on the shotcrete days, and every day in between. She is Al’s supremely talented daughter equipped with the pool construction knowledge gained from being a hard core construction team member, her long history and personal knowledge of our lead pool guy, and the mind able to see this endeavor start to finish.

The Shows in Season One – Episodes

Living Legendary ~ Feature Film

Pirate Pool Photo Gallery