Al Curtis and his team at Legendary Escapes are proud to showcase their recent hybrid swimming pool project, a beautiful Zen backyard paradise. The pool perfectly encapsulates the homeowners’ laid-back lake lifestyle, a balanced combination of Zen and playful fun. The homeowners had a vision for their pool and, after doing some research, knew they needed Curtis and his team to take on the project. They wanted a unique, artistic approach, and knew no one else could accomplish what they wanted.

Curtis’ hope is to create a space everyone will enjoy, with details and personal touches that will feel fresh for years to come. This particular backyard space is on the edge of a canal, which creates unique elevation challenges. Curtis used the elevation requirements to develop several different spaces, each of which serve a different function and have a slightly different feel. “Instead of creating one spot and hoping everyone likes it,” he says, “we created these multiple places people can resonate with.” He imagines that, at a party, people will congregate based on how they resonate with the different areas of the backyard. From water-front to poolside, there are plenty of different spaces for swimmers and non-swimmers alike to gather.

The homeowners are immensely pleased with the way the pool turned out. “I can’t even picture a place I’d rather be,” homeowner Heather says. The personalized touches are her favorite part, with two particular areas really standing out. Hand-carved koi fish on one wall feature coins with each family member’s birth year. These play into the Zen theme beautifully and add artistic interest, while representing a personal touch the family can truly appreciate. The homeowners are big fans of an artist named Markus Pierson, who has a quirky and unique style, often featuring coyotes in his designs. Curtis paid homage to this artist and the homeowners’ love for him with a beautiful “Live Zen” mural behind the waterfall in the pool. “If we had the artist here himself, he couldn’t have done a better job,” Heather gushes.

Homeowner Steve loves the landscape lighting. It started as an option on the construction contract, but quickly moved up the list as a priority. “You can’t do the project without it…it’s a must have. It really highlights the whole project,” Steve says. He loves the variety of lighting, and admits that he originally planned to have the lighting put in separately, either by another landscaper or as a DIY project. But now, after seeing the way it has pulled the whole project together, he is convinced it’s one of the most important parts of the project. If he went back and started the whole project again, he says, the landscape lighting would be non-negotiable. A combination of barn lanterns, lamps on top of tiki totem poles, and hidden lighting complete the project and allow family and friends to use the space after dark. Another incredible addition to the lighting package are the fire bowls. They add an elemental, Zen feel, with cascading water while fire burns above.

The entire backyard area encompasses the family’s fun and Zen lifestyle. The waterfall is Asian inspired, with koi fish, a turtle poking out, and a beautiful mural. Favorite words and phrases are also worked in throughout the area, showcasing the family’s lifestyle and values and inviting friends and family to share in their “work hard, play harder” mentality while relaxing at the pool. The homeowners are thrilled with the way the project has turned out, and are blown away by the way the Legendary Escapes team exceeded their expectations.

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