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One of the first big hybrid projects that Al Curtis, designer and builder for Legendary Escapes and Ask the Pool Guy, created, was a backyard paradise in Saline, Michigan. It was built in 2008 and was the beginning of something big for Curtis. He found a new way to make incredible pools and help clients’ dreams come true.

This project is a hybrid pool design, using both vinyl and gunite elements. It is more than a pool; it is three-dimensional art in a backyard. The actual swimming pool is only part of the overall package that Curtis built for this family. He worked with the clients to find out what their dream backyard would look like, and then made it happen. This project provided the clients with a complete backyard experience, not just a swimming pool.

This pool is a very unique hybrid project. Both vinyl and gunite were used in the design and construction of the pool so the customer can enjoy the benefits of vinyl without the limitations and the benefits of gunite without the drawbacks. The pool features a swim-out seating area with a floating table, a waterfall, a sun shelf, and a built-in tiled rock slide. The surrounding area features several tiki-style structures, including a bar and a covered relaxation area complete with hammock, along with a fire pit just outside of the pool area. A combination of beautiful tile and stone work with reclaimed wood make for a very unique and beautiful design. Every detail, down to the landscaping, was custom designed to fit the needs and desires of the clients.

In an initial consultation, the clients expressed that they wanted a tropical style pool that would provide a space for entertaining and for family enjoyment. In every step of the design process, we worked with the clients and gauged what types, colors, and styles they would be happy with. We guided the design process and the client felt comfortable with allowing that because of Curtis’ outstanding experience in the industry and art background.

Curtis has found a new passion for hybrid swimming pools and the freedom they hold. This innovation has allowed him to build truly one-of-a-kind swimming pools that are completely customized for the individual client. Curtis is dedicated to bringing customers’ dreams to life and is constantly coming up with new ways to do so. This new technique is one more step in that process.


Al Curtis is the builder and designer for Legendary Escapes Pools and Ask the Pool Guy. He has been in the pool industry for decades and prides himself on his unique, artistic, and personalized designs. He specializes in vinyl, gunite, and hybrid inground swimming pools. If you are interested in installing a new pool, you can talk with him or a capable member of his team by phone (248-478-4978), email (, or online (

 Interview with the homeowner:

Creating an Atmosphere

(Saline, Mich.)   –  Jim Plocki is a busy father, husband and homeowner who had wanted a pool to enhance the house that he and his wife had built.  He knew a pool would a great addition to the overall backyard experience, but he didn’t want “just a hole in the concrete.”  Jim and his wife Bev both have busy careers and travel frequently for work.  When the two of them have time off, they don’t want to travel to find their vacation; they want their vacation to come to them.  Also, as parents, they wanted to create a fun atmosphere that the whole family could enjoy.

After a few friends hired Allan Curtis and Legendary Escapes to create their backyard adventures, Jim was intrigued by Al’s creativity and unique designs.  They had researched pool companies before, but nothing caught their eye quite like the artistic creations of Allan and Legendary Escapes.

Legendary Escapes: What were you looking for in your builder/designer when starting the pool building process?

Jim: We didn’t know before we met Al.  We had been interested in building a pool since we built the home, but we hadn’t been able to find a company that felt right. Al wants to get to know you as a person and make something you’re going to be happy with and create an environment that is going to become part of your home.  My wife and I are very happy we didn’t go with any other builder; Al was the right one for the job. He was great to work with through the entire process.

Legendary Escapes: How would you describe your pool to others?

Jim: It’s not just a pool; it’s an atmosphere.  It’s like walking into the Caribbean; there is a Tiki bar, an area with a hammock, and all done with old barn wood.  There is a fire pit that we are able to use year round. It is exactly what we wanted; it’s the perfect place to come home to and relax.  The kids love having friends over for summer parties in the pool, and also for bonfires.  There isn’t a single part of it we don’t enjoy.

Legendary Escapes: What surprised you about the building process and working with Al and Legendary Escapes?

Jim: The detail.  Al thinks of the little things to create an entire atmosphere, not just a hole in the concrete.  Watching Al create the ideas in his head and bringing them all together was great.  Even the small stuff like the mural he made for us behind the Tiki bar.  He really took the time to think of everything.  The quality of his work is also incredible; he really takes pride in what he creates for you. And even after the building is over, he’s available for any repairs, opening and closing the pool for the season, and anything we need.

Legendary Escapes: What advice would you give to future homeowners potentially choosing Legendary Escapes to create their pool?

Jim: Let Al do his thing. You just have to sit back and it will all come together.  Odds are, you won’t see the process as it’s coming along but just trust him – he will finish the project.  Al was there every day, making sure things got done and answering any questions we had.  It could be difficult to let him have the control but he does make sure you are able to add your input.

2012-06-03 16.37.16 Plocki Panoramics (1)
2012-06-03 16.37.16 Plocki Panoramics (2)
2012-06-03 16.37.16 Plocki Panoramics (2)5
2012-06-03 16.37.16 Plocki Panoramics (3)
2012-06-03 16.37.16 Plocki Panoramics (4)
2012-06-03 16.37.16 Plocki Panoramics (4)1
2012-06-03 16.37.16 Plocki Panoramics (4)5
Plocki Panoramic Final (1)
Plocki Panoramic Final (2)
Plocki Panoramic Final (3)

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