Case Study: what happens if you close a dirty pool in the fall?

Dirty Pool
Dirty Pool in the Fall

It may seem obvious to some of you, but you’d be surprised how often we get the question. If we close a dirty pool in the fall, guess what you get in the spring? You’ve got it, a dirty pool!

Is it a bad thing for the pool to be dirty over the winter, yes and no. The problem would be if there are leaves and debris in the pool that will cause staining over the winter. The water can also leave a pretty unsightly scum line if the water is not clean when the pool is closed. Sometimes though, it is unavoidable. If your pump fails the week before you close and you are going to wait to do a pump replacement in the spring, it’s understandable that the water may not be in tip top shape for your pool opening. If you decide not to touch your pool for two or three of the summer months and then have our team close the pool, we will certainly add chemicals, but be ready for some maintenance and cleaning in the spring. *We are happy to help with additional spring cleanings, for a fee, of course. It’s what we do! Let’s just make sure our expectations match with yours.

If you have any trouble during the fall, spring, summer, or any other time of year (well, yes, winter is the only season left ;o) we are happy to help. We want you to have a great experience with your pool. If you need cleaning, advice, troubleshooting, or any other guidance, just ask, we (and the pool guy) are just a phone call away! You can also Ask the Pool Guy a question via his Facebook page…see you online!